Camry CR 6510 single-burner electric cooker

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Kuchenka elektryczna jednopalnikowa Camry CR 6510

Mobile electric stove

Its high popularity  one-burner adjustable cookers  they owe their mobility. They are a salvation, not only when we run out of gas, but help at larger events, when there are no burners, they are necessary equipment in summer houses  and campsites. So small  single-burner electric cooker  is an ideal solution for all those who appreciate simple devices, safety and ease of use.  Electric cooker  is definitely much safer than a gas stove, we can easily pack it in the car and take it wherever we need it.

Kuchenka elektryczna Camry CR 6510 z regulacją temperatury

An important issue when choosing a single-burner electric stove.

One-burner electric cooker  is a minimalist version of the kitchen equipment. We will use her for heating meals  or cooking a quick and simple stew. Its power: 1500 W will allow you to do it quickly without unnecessary waiting for the plate to warm up. Camry CR 6510  enables smooth temperature regulation and can be treated as an emergency option when the main stove is unavailable or will be irreplaceable in our summer house, small kitchen, in a rented room.

 Steel housing
 Non-slip feet
 Control lamp
 Smooth, 5-step temperature control

Kuchenka elektryczna Camry CR 6510 opakowanie

 Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
 Power: 1500 W
 Heating plate diameter: 185 mm
 Dimensions of the oven: 24 x 24 cm

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