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 Do you know what a monopod is?

Uchwyt Selfie Stick L01 bluetooth

Are you looking for a good selfie stick?

Selfie sticks  was invented in 1983, unfortunately they did not become popular, because it was difficult to use them for analog cameras. Not everyone knows that the use of selfie sticks is prohibited in many public places. In England (also in our country) a ban was introduced on bringing them to stadiums. Many large museums and art galleries prohibit taking photos with selfie sticks , because the exhibits could be damaged. In Australia, they were banned at concerts. Selfie sticks work in a very simple way, it's a kind of "extension" of our hand. The simplest monopods allow you to take a picture by setting the self-timer in the camera in advance. We offer something more. Learn more Selfie Stick bluetooth L01 .

Uchwyt Selfie Stick L01 ze statywem

Why is this Selfie Stick bluetooth L01 handle a good choice?

Thanks  stick communication with the smartphone  via Bluetooth, we no longer have to play in setting the self-timer. Now we can remotely (by pressing the button on the handle) control the camera shutter. Thanks to its lightweight construction and small size, it will be perfect for any event or visiting interesting places. You will never have to ask for a picture again! Selfie Stick with Bluetooth remote control  and tripod function is a proposition for all photomaniacs. The device's handle is divided into three legs, after unfolding we get a high quality tripod. The pilot is part of the set and can be connected to the selfie stick itself, or it can be used as a separate element. Bluetooth connectivity provides us with a functional distance of up to 10 meters. The movable head on which we mount our camera is movable, so we will set ourselves optimal angle for taking a photo.

Uchwyt Selfie Stick L01 w opakowaniu

 Folded: 186 mm
 Unfolded: 700 mm
 Head spacing: 73 mm
 Weight: 155 g

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