Bluetooth Blow BT760TWS stereo speakers


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Głośniki Bluetooth stereo Blow BT760TWS

A set of two Blow Bluetooth speakers. We can set them separately for a better stereo effect. We can also use them horizontally when placed together horizontally.

Głośniki Bluetooth Blow BT760TWS jako soundbar

 The speakers can use bluetooth to play music wirelessly from a smartphone, mp3 player, etc. The speakers also have a memory card slot which gives them full self-sufficiency as a player.

Tylny panel głośników BT Blow BT760TWS oraz kable

 The speakers have a built-in FM radio. Interestingly, the speakers are equipped with a battery, which gives them the advantages of mobility. The price is for a set with two speakers.

Opakowanie głośników BT Blow BT760TWS

 - Bluetooth: built-in, V4.2
 - Bluetooth range: 10m
 - Speaker: STEREO 2x6W
 - Frequency range: 100hz - 20kHz
 - FM radio: 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz
 - Memory card slot: max 32 GB
 - 3.5mm jack input
 - Charging current: DC 5V, 500mAh
 - Built-in battery: 2x2200mAh
 - Charging time: 5-6 hours
 - Play time: up to 7 hours
 - Dimensions: 201 x 110 x 100 mm (one speaker)
 - Weight: 990g (one speaker)

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