Abek1 NR Neo 97-362 absorber

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Cover your mouth

Pochłaniacz Abek1 NR Neo 97-362

What to look for when buying a protective mask?

Protective mask  it is useful in many situations, when renovating, when we demolish a wall, when we spray plants in the garden, when we weld or work in fumes of smoking metals. However, how to choose  the most appropriate absorber model ? Much depends on the type of activities we will use with a protective mask. Only in this way will we match properly  filter type . And let's remember one more thing the mask must completely cover our mouth and nose  and adhere very well to the face and that is why people who wear a beard must remember this because the beard makes it difficult proper mask adhesion  and this can reduce the level of protection by up to 50%!

Pochłaniacz Abek1 NR Neo 97-362

How to properly use protective masks with absorber?

Let's remember about replacing mask filters  on time. If we start to feel traces of pollution with the help of the sense of smell or taste, it means the end of life of the filters. Masks that have passed the inspection have a certificate. To choose the filter accordingly  we need to know the classification and so e.g. the designation on the filter - ABEK (sold on this site) is protection against organic gases  and inorganic, vapors and gases of organic substances, vapors and acid gases, ammonia for spraying.  NEO brand  the manufacturer of this half mask is a guarantee of a great product with all required approvals.

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