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Do not buy such coffee

Stylowy młynek do kawy Adler z opakowaniem

Only freshly ground coffee has a taste and aroma

if you are buying ground coffee  we have advice for you. Better buy yourself a grinder . The coffee we buy in packs is coffee from inferior beans. And there is a risk that something else has been ground with coffee. Try at least one coffee made  from freshly ground beans  and you will be delighted with its aroma and intense taste. Coffee that is ground much earlier winds quickly and thus loses what is most valuable in it. If it is enough for you to make the coffee hot and strong, then you can stop at such a pre-packaged one.  Factory ground coffee  possibly suitable for ordinary pouring hot water as a last resort under the coffee maker.

Dwuskrzydłowy nóż ze stali nierdzewnej w młynku AD 443

What difference does it make for coffee?

Not everyone is aware that there is no one perfect  coffee grinding degree . The thickness at which the coffee will be ground should be selected according to the device in which it will be made. Grinding coffee  it should be like dust for a crucible, for espresso it should be slightly thicker than for a crucible, but not a lot, it should be quite fine for the coffee maker, but individual particles are already noticeable, for the overflow coffee machine the ground coffee should resemble sand and for coarsely boiling water. And that's why every little black fan should have a grinder in the kitchen.

Młynek do kawyAdler AD 443 mieli i wygląda

 Viewing  Adler AD 443 electric coffee grinder . We choose coffee grinding by grinding time. The grinder has protection against accidental start-up, it will start to grind only with a well-fitted lid.

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Capacity:Disposable amount of ground coffee 77 g
Knives: double leaf made of stainless steel
Power: 150 watts
Security: before switching on without the lid on

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