Solar bird and animal repeller with LED K751G1

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How to scare a wild boar?

Solarny odstraszacz ptaków i zwierząt z diodami LED

How to scare birds and animals away from home?

Now you don't have to start slinging around the corner of the house. There's no need to  invest in traps or combine with scarecrow or with rotating cans on sticks. Now you can comfortably stick to the ground bird and animal repeller , and then comfortably stretch on a sun lounger and indulge in blissful laziness in peace and quiet. Bird scarers  different sounds have long been known and effective method. They give the best results sounds imitating shots  or the voice of a bird of prey. We invite you to buy extremely an effective solar animal and bird repeller  with LED lamp - K751G1 Repeller

K751G1 odstrasza ptaki i zwierzęta

How does the bird repeller work?

The device operates on solar power. The built-in solar panel charges the batteries (4xAAA). The repeller emits a sound  when the motion sensor registers movement within its range. A short sound is emitted, but if after 5 seconds the uninvited guest is still within range, the repeller will restart. The range of the device is 8 meters and the angle of 120 degrees. Two lighting modes allow us to choose the most optimal setting. Day and night mode, in the night mode 4 LEDs emit light. Repeller emits three types of sounds; gunshot, dog barking and eagle voice. The device has a volume control and is resistant to weather conditions.

Odstraszacz. Wystrzał z karabinu, szczekanie psa, głos orła.

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