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These are not arrowheads

Zestaw końcówek wkrętakowych 33 szt. Hogert HT1S402

How do you choose the right screwdriver bit?

Arrowhead shape that's not all we need to look at when buying the things we need screwdrivers Its performance parameters are also important, they will tell us in what situations they can be used. Let's check first of all in what materials the bit will work. Because other tips are better for working in wood, others for working in metal, plastics. And it is important because the wrong choice of tip is faster to wear. For work in soft materials, the bits should be rigid and hard, while for hard materials, beaten more flexible because it will translate into greater resistance to stress and thus the bit will not break.

Zestaw końcówek Hogert HT1S402 w opakowaniu

Do you want to buy very durable tools? Take a look at this set

Hogert HT1S402 this screwdriver set with a specially profiled 1/4 "SLIM magnetic chuck for use in manual work and with the use of cordless power tools. Thirty-three pieces screwdriver bits with greater resistance to all kinds of loads and with the ability to adapt to changing working conditions. They are durable because they are made of high quality S2 alloy steel; are resistant to deformation. They have contoured magnetic holder SLIM, which, together with the tip lock, allows you to work in tight holes. The set is packed in an ergonomic, handy package with a belt clip.

Set contains:
SL3, SL4, SL5, SL5.5, SL6.5 mm
PH1, 2 x PH2, PH3
PZ1, 2 x PZ2, PZ3
T8, T9, T10, 2 x T15, 2 x T20, 2 x T25, T30, T40
H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6
1/4 "socket adapter
1/4 ”magnetic holder


Execution:durable, made of high-grade S2 alloy steel
Handle:profiled SLIM magnetic holder with tip lock enabling work in tight holes
Package:ergonomic, handy with belt clip
Resistance:for deformation

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polecam jako prezent nadał się idealnie, Chłopak mówi że bardzo porządny zestaw