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Przewodowa mysz optyczna BLOW MP-30 w kolorze białym.

Which mouse is better? Cable or wireless?

Are you standing in front of a website with mice and wondering which one to choose? You already know that you focus on optics, but now you have a dilemma whether on the cable or rather go in the direction wireless mice ? It depends, what do you care more about? On speed and precision or rather on freedom of movement? Wired mouse  are much faster in reactions, which is why they are most often chosen by players. Data transmission via cable  it is express, the delay is practically imperceptible. A wireless mouse is useful when our computer is away from us, and when the convenience of using the device is most important to us. If we want stable operation without interference and the cable will not disturb us, then let's aim at  wired models.

Mysz optyczna BLOW MP-30 USB zdjęcie real

The BLOW MP-30 optical mouse is a comfortable and fast mouse

BLOW optical mouse  MP-30 uses diodes for operation. LEDs illuminate the surface on which our mouse runs, thus sending a signal to the computer. BLOW mouse is distinguished by its appearance, modern design, ergonomic and symmetrical shape. He can easily operate it and what works with his right hand but also left-handed will be with her along the way. Made of high quality materials, it is friendly and pleasant to the touch. Optical resolution  this mouse is 1000 DPI. The mouse works with most operating systems and works on various surfaces. Mouse in white.

 - number of buttons: 2 + roll
 - White color
 - optical resolution: 1000 DPI
 - interface: USB
 - cable length: 1.5 m
 - packaging: box with a pendant


Button: 2 + roll
Cable length:1.5 m
Colour: white
Interface: USB
Optical resolution:1000 DPI
Package:box with a pendant

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no polecam na prawdę bardzo dobra mycha




super bardzo fajny kształt przez co fajnie układa się pod ręką i nie ma żadnych przycinek