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Everyone likes this rodent

Przewodowa mysz optyczna BLOW MP-20 w kolorze zielonym

What types of mice are on the market?

Do not underestimate  computer mouse , it's not just a cursor operator. A few important things on our computer depend on the mouse. A well-chosen mouse will last a long time and offers comfort of use. The most common on our market  the mouse is optical  or laser, wired or wireless. Before we buy this rodent, let's answer the question; for what most often we use the mouse ? Do we use it for games, office work or maybe for more serious things like graphic design? Depends on these answers which mouse you should choose . Optical mice will be the best when we are looking for a device for standard activities, e.g. browsing Internet resources or creating texts, while laser mice will work in situations where precision of operation is the key parameter.

Mysz optyczna BLOW MP-20 USB zdjęcie real

What does it mean that the mouse is optical?

Optical mouse , is a device that uses diodes. LEDs illuminate the surface on which the mouse is moved. A signal reflected from the ground is registered by a special camera and the position of the mouse is determined, after which it is sent to the computer. This mouse works great on different types of surfaces. BLOW mouse  The MP-20 is just that  optical mouse . It communicates with the computer using a cable connected to a USB or PS / 2 port. Thanks to this connection, it is not exposed to interference, which is why players' favorite mouse .  BLOW MOUSE  The MP-20 has an ergonomic and symmetrical shape and is good for both left and right handed users. The optical resolution of the mouse is 1000 DPI allows for efficient and precise work on almost any surface.

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