Promedix PR-770 wireless tooth irrigator

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 Not all irrigations are unpleasant

Irygator do zębów Promedix PR-770

What is a tooth irrigator?

Once  tooth irrigators  they were only equipped in dental offices, but as the years went by and the miniaturization of everything progressed, the irrigator also significantly reduced its size and now everyone can have their own small private irrigator. This device should be used by anyone who cares about  proper oral hygiene .  Irrigation  cleans the spaces between the teeth with fluid under pressure. The pressure that is generated in the irrigator is gentle, so it can be used even by people at  sensitive gums . The irrigator can also be used when we wear orthodontic appliances, tooth implants or dentures.

Bezprzewodowy irygator stomatologiczny Promedix PR-770

What do we fill the tooth irrigator?

Tooth irrigators are available in stationary and wireless versions. This extremely useful device will help us fight tooth decay,  tartar and periodontitis. Very simple operation, because you just fill the irrigator with liquid. AND what fluid is best to fill the irrigator ? Preferably water. You can do it from time to time oral hygiene liquid but it's definitely not an economical solution. In order for the device to serve us as long as possible, we must store it in a dry place, clean it regularly and put it upright.  The PR-770 irrigator  this  modern irrigator  wireless with strong stream up to 8.5 Bar. Works in three modes (delicate, normal, pulsating).  Promedix irrigator  cleans and  massages the gums , resulting in better blood supply.

Dwie końcówki w zestawie irygatora Promedix PR-770

 - Improves gum condition
 - High quality
 - A product from the renowned Promedix brand
 - Wireless
 - High water pressure
 - Ergonomic shape

Produkty Promedix na

 1 - On / Off
 2 - Nozzle eject button
 3 - Nozzles rotate 360 ​​degrees.
 4 - Three modes of operation for individual needs
 5 - Refill water option
 6 - Filling the water tank

Irygator dentystyczny bezprzewodowy Promedix PR-770

 Set contains:
 - Promedix PR-770 irrigator
 - 2 tips
 - Charger
 - User manual
 - Manufacturer's packaging
 - The proof of purchase

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