Teesa Sonic soft TSA8014 brush inserts 2 pcs

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You can't live without the tips

Dwie główki do szczoteczek TEESA SONIC soft

If you use a Sonic brush, buy replacement tips right away

Those who use Tessa's sonic toothbrush  they won't want to change the model so they will need it interchangeable tips. Sonic brushes  by storm they conquer the market because they are extremely effective and better than ordinary electric brushes. A sweeping movement with sound waves with the destructive power of a waterfall will clean yours teeth from the plate , sediment and any bacteria. The Tessa sonic brush will additionally inform you after 30 seconds that you need to change the cleaning page, it has different modes of operation and is therefore one of the more frequently chosen sonic brushes. But brushes, unfortunately, wear out, and the tips should be replaced regularly.

TSA8014 końcówki do szczoteczki do zębów

What do you need to change the tips on the electric brushes?

Each of the manufacturers recommends  replacement of brushing tips,  every 3 months. On the brush head  there are Italians, one shorter and one longer. They are very durable, but there is a time when they lose their properties and should be replaced. Such bristles are of low quality  teeth cleaning  and an activity that can damage your gums. It is worth looking at the bristle of the brush, whether it is uniform, directed in one direction or not shorter. It's best to compare the old brush with the new one and you'll see the differences right away. Down Tessa Sonic brushes  and Sonic Pro we have two heads included. With soft bristles that do not irritate sensitive gums.

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