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Narzędzie wielofunkcyjna 11el.

Why is the Top Tools universal multi-function tool so practical?

You never know what will be useful while traveling, while camping or just in the plot or yard. And that none of us likes to pull with many bags and carry packages with tools, that's why all kinds of cool  multifunctional tools . Lots of different tools in miniature sizes packed into one piece. Instead of packing pocket knives,  openers, files, cutters, pliers, knives and similar tools, we can pack one, handy tool kit  in a small one  pocket size . Our  Universal Top Tools , 11 tools useful in various situations.

Top Tools 98Z028 narzędzie wieloczynnościowe

 Below is a photo of the real product:

Top Tools 98Z028 w opakowaniu

Rescue in surprising situations only with the Top Tools toolbox.

Top Tools , that's amazing  handy and universal tool  in small sizes. Everything is always handy packed into one small pocket knife. Most useful tools such as  pliers - to cut even a resistant wire, opener because what will you open with a cold drink?  Screwdriver , there will always be some screws to loosen, penknife  - for cutting and cutting, file - apart from nails you can file some burr. This is a small wonder absolutely necessary in the pocket of every hiker, gardener, camper, DIY, and others who like to have everything at hand and are able to cope in any situation.


Function:number -11
Length:after closing: 70mm

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