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AD 2825

You will no longer need to visit the salons

Strzyżarka do włosów Adler AD 2825

Hairdresser's assistant - Hair clipper AD 2825

You will not avoid a hairdresser if you want a sophisticated hairstyle or specialized care treatments, but if you have a short haircut that only requires systematic undercutting then invest in  a hair clipper . Why pay for visits to a hair salon, risk being waiting when you can do it yourself professionally at home? Just buy  good company hair clipper . Such clippers regulate the length of the hair perfectly and give advice at the chin. AND how to choose a good hair clipper ? Pay attention to the blades, replaceable inserts, specific company and cutting length adjustment.

Strzyżarka do włosów AD 2825 z akcesoriami

Functional hair clipper from Adler

Hair clipper from Adler  - AD 2825 is a professional equipment for hair salons as well as for home use. The clipper has durable steel blades and replaceable ones  attachments for different hair lengths . The cable at the machine is longer than usual, so it will be much easier to operate it.

Strzyżarka do włosów AD 2825 to profesjonalny sprzęt do wykorzystania w salonach fryzjerskich

 In the set together with the machine you will immediately receive a brush to clean the machine, oil for maintenance and scissors. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, thanks to the AD 2825 hair clipper, taking care of your hair will be nothing but pleasure.

Opakowanie strzyżarki do włosów Adler AD 2825


Control: cutting length
Equipment:4 replaceable attachments: 3,6,9 and 12 m, brush, scissors and oil for conservation
Edge:Durable, sharp stainless steel
Handle:for hanging
Power: networked
Power cord:Long, professional 1.9 m
Width:blades 45 mm

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