Quer Pro KOM0940 4-port USB 3.0 hub

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HUB USB 3.0 4-portowy QUER PRO KOM0940

What is a USB hub and how to choose the right one?

USB hub  is a splitter, a device with which you will increase the number of USB ports  with your equipment.  We connect to computers  more and more different devices, from the printer, mouse, keyboard to cameras, telephones and cameras. There are not many USB outputs in a computer or laptop, so such a hub is a great solution to this problem. Hubs can have a different number of ports, they are for two, four, seven and even have several inputs. Hubs are also divided into passive, active and passive activity. When choosing a hub, think about it  how many ports  you will need.

HUB USB KOM0940 zdjęcie real w opakowaniu

We recommend a USB 3.0 hub with four ports

USB 3.0 HUB  4 QUER PRO KOM0940 has four ports. Is passive hub , so it doesn't need additional power, just connect to the USB input. There is a switch at each port on the splitter, so there is no need to pull the plug out of the input in case you need to connect a device that needs more power to work. An additional convenience is the LED, which indicates whether the port is enabled. You no longer have to limit yourself and decide which equipment to disconnect and which to connect. QUER PRO KOM0940  will give you the opportunity connecting four devices  more.


 Type: Passive
 Interface: USB 3.0
 Number of USB ports: 4
 Data transfer rate: up to 5 Gb / s
 Supported operating systems: Mac OS 10.x, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
 Technology: Plug & Play
 Other: USB 3.0 cable
 Black colour


Colour: black
Cable:USB 3.0
Interface:USB 3.0
Supported systems: Mac OS 10.x, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Transmission:data: up to 5 Gb / s
Technology: Plug & Play

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