Soldering iron, wood burner, pyramid PM-LOW-60

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Lutownica-wypalarka do drewna Powermat PM-LOW-60

What is pyrography?

poker-work  it's one of the techniques  work in wood  as a result, we get beautifully decorated woodwork. The name comes from the Greek pur (fire) and grafos (writing) - Writing with fire. these  burning  it is not difficult, just the right accessories, wood, imagination and a bit of manual skills. The basic tools are definitely a pyrograph, then you will need wood, sandpaper, pencil, ruler, eraser and a pattern to draw.

Końcówki i akcesoria  wypalarki Powermat PM-LOW-60

 If you are just starting your adventure with  writing with fire  at the beginning we recommend plywood for work, it is smoother and it will be easier to burn on it. these self-decorating items  they can be a perfect original gift, only our imagination will limit the things we can create.

Pirograf Powermat PM-LOW-60 z końcówkami

How to use a pyrograph?

Burner for decorating wooden objects , leather or cork works on the principle of hot soldering iron. The tips in the form of tips are heated to the right temperature and with their help we burn patterns . Pyramid PM-LOW-60  with a 60 W heater very fast  heats the caves  to a maximum temperature of 275 degrees Celsius. Now you only have to prepare the material, the wood for burning should be wiped with sandpaper to smooth out the unevenness, then apply the pattern, choose the appropriate spearhead and start creating bookmarks, books, jewelry, Christmas decorations, caskets and many other works of art. The knife attached to the set after warming up will help us  cutting  many different materials. The tips are mounted with a thread on the brass tip of the flask.

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 Soldering iron - burner
 22 different tips (tips)
 Transport case
 Three cave containers
 Soldering iron stand
 Instruction PL

Opakowanie lutownicy Powermat PM-LOW-60


Power:230V / 50Hz
Power:60 watts
Temperature:275 ° C

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