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Lutownica transformatorowa 100W

What to consider when choosing a soldering iron?

Choosing a soldering iron it is worth determining what it will be used for. One soldering iron we will not be able to solder thick cables and delicate electronics. There are several types of soldering irons on the market: heater, transformer, gas, battery, hotair and soldering stations. Transformer soldering irons they are perfect where needed quickly and with great power solder larger surfaces . The principle of operation of such soldering irons is extremely simple and consists in heating the copper tip to the appropriate temperature and you can start working. What is soldering We all know that, we cover the place of joining the individual elements with a bonding layer and warm it up. The temperature depends on the soldering alloy and the flux

Lutownica TOPEX 44E002

How can the soldering iron serve us for a long time?

TOPEX transformer soldering iron has a power of 100W. It is used to connect metal parts with a low-melting binder, e.g. tin-lead. It is ideal for connecting elements with a larger cross-section, such as automotive electrical installations, low voltage household electrical installations. Topex soldering iron it has a built-in bulb that illuminates the soldering place and this significantly increases the comfort of work. In order for it to serve us long and failure-free, we must follow a few guidelines; we replace the tip as soon as we notice a narrowing, clean the tip after each work, do not open the housing of the device, always put the soldering iron on the appropriate stand, observe the operating time of the device, use only proven and high-quality rosin and welding pastes, we do not weld things that are under voltage or not we work in conditions of too high humidity or in the presence of flammable gases and solvents. Compliance with European safety standards is ensured by the CE certificate.

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