Car antenna TV DVBT / T2 Mistral MI-ANT04 / C Black

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Antena samochodowa TV DVBT/T2 Mistral MI-ANT04 Black

A good car antenna is characterized by .....

Well, what is it characterized by good car antenna ? It's hard to choose, since we are bombarded with advertisements and sellers' incentives from all sides, how to decide if the one with such parameters is better, or maybe the range and gain is what to look for? If you rely on us, we'll lead you through this thicket of ads straight to the shelf with Mistral MI-ANT04 antenna . this antenna  it is a road queen, great parameters, perfect fastening and it also has an interesting and intriguing look. You are interested in? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the advantages of this incomparable lady.

Mobilna antena TV DVBT/T2 Mistral MI-ANT04

Why is the Mistral MI-ANT04 antenna the best antenna on the market?

Mistral antenna  MI-ANT04 is super sensitive and waterproof antenna with a gain of up to 30 dB. Its range is up to 110 kilometers, other antennas fall off in the heights. Antenna power supply  does not cause any problems, it can be powered from the RF socket  TV or USB output. A 6-meter cable, so you can connect the antenna wherever you want. The antenna can be mounted in two ways, on a magnet that adheres perfectly to the ground or on the side handle. Now let's move on to filtering the signal, it is modern technology, provides reception without unnecessary interference and the amplifier will increase the signal strength by as much as 30 dB. And the fact that the antenna is waterproof only gives us confidence and reliability of use.

Samochodowa Antena DVB-T Mistral MI-ANT04

 Antenna MI-ANT04 (white or black)
 Magnetic holder
 Side handle
 6 meter cable
 Voltage separator
 USB power cable
 Fastening elements for the side handle
 Fv or receipt (warranty)

Antena DVB-T Mistral MI-ANT04 wodoodporna, przenośna

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