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Domofon dwurodzinny ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924

A two-family house? We recommend the ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924 intercom

Thanks to intercoms, we do not have to bother to open the gate, thanks to them we know without leaving the house whether a welcome guest is standing under the gate or, conversely, an intruder who we do not want to enter the property.  intercoms  they are easy to use and do not require complicated assembly. If you live in a two-family house, we recommend  ORNO set  -  two-family intercom.

 Features of the ORNO two-family set:

 Two-wire connection
 Remote conversation
 The use of the new BUS communication protocol
 Direct control of the electric strike
 The electric strike needs no additional power supply
 Additional gate control
 Smooth ringer volume control
 Full mute
 Two separate bell sounds (intercom, door bell)
 Illuminated place for the name

Domofon ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924 zdjęcie real zestawu

Simple operation of the ORNO two-family intercom set

ORNO intercom support  is very simple, after pressing the call button on the external panel we will hear bell sounding inside the house,  the bell will ring for 30 seconds. After picking up the handset, we can talk for 90 seconds. If we want to open the gate  just press the button with the key, if the gate then press the button with the painted icon of the gate.  Adjusting the ringer volume  is located on the side of the uniphone. Before starting the installation, we advise you to check the device, for this we do not place the external panel and the uniphone in the same room as feedback may form.

Domofon ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924 dwie słuchawki

Domofon ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924 zdjęcia opakowania

 - external panel (cassette) ORNO OR-DOM-SL-924KD - 1 item;
 - uniphone ORNO OR-DOM-SL-923UD - 2 pcs;
 - protective roof for surface mounting of the panel - 1 item;
 - power supply for a DIN 18V DC rail - 1 piece;
 - user manual;
 - receipt or VAT invoice.


Assembly:surface - External panel
Button: gate control
Control: direct control of the electric strike
Control: ringer volume until mute
Dimension:external: 105 x 210 x 26 mm - uniphone, external: 90 x 135 x 30 mm - External panel
Function:intercom (as part of 1 subscriber)
Level of security: IP54
Power:18 VDC - uniphone
Power consumption: 2W - uniphone
Tension:electric strike requires no additional power supply
Weight:0.32 kg - uniphone, 0.52 kg - External panel
Working temperature:-25 degrees C ... +45 degrees C - External panel

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