Wireless bell for batteries OR-DB-YK-118

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Ding dong, ding dong someone is ringing the door ...

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy na baterie Orno

Do you need a ringtone or a paging device? The ORNO bell is the perfect solution

The best solution is  doorbells wireless . They do not require installation, cable pulling or precise assembly. They have a wide range, so you can take the receiver with you even when going out into the yard. Such ringtones can also be used as call sign for the babysitter to the lying person. But as it is nowadays it is necessary to think about the choice, among many ringtones on the market is full of those that after mounting outside cease to work after a while, so choose wisely. We recommend  wireless bell from Orno . The only thing to watch out for with this bell is not installing it on metal constructions.

Orno OR-DB-YK-118 w opakowaniu

Wireless ringtones have sounds to choose from?

We don't know how other ringtones, but  ORNO wireless bell has 48 built-in polyphonic ringing tones to choose from! It works perfectly as  doorbell , but also as a paging device. It is battery powered, so there is no need to pull cables or install near power outlets. The bell has 4 stages  volume control  tone. Learning system is the ability to attach additional transmitters and receivers logging in automatically.  Waterproof bell button , so he is not afraid of any weather.

 - Orno OR-DB-YK-118O receiver - 1 item;
 - Orno OR-DB-YK-117PD transmitter - 1 item;
 - battery for the transmitter - 1 pc;
 - short instructions;
 - receipt or VAT invoice.

Dzwonek bezprzewodowy Orno OR-DB-YK-118

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