Intercom ORNO single-family set OR-DOM-RL-913

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Domofon ORNO OR-DOM-RL-913

Is it worth installing an intercom?

Intercom  is a device that provides  voice communication  at short distances, most often it is between the external panel and the handset mounted inside the building. Such an intercom is comfort and functionality provided that it will be mounted in the right place. Choosing the place where we want to hang our intercom, choose the one in which we often stay, do not install it in places where we will have to go a piece of the road. Properly  intercom installed  it's safety because we will limit access to the property of unauthorized persons or intruders and our convenience, because you will not have to run to the gate every time a guest arrives.

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What is a uniphone?

The word intercom probably everyone knows, but not everyone has already met the word  uniphone . And it is simply intercom element , in other words, the handset. We hang the handset inside the house in an easily accessible place. Intercom ORNO  OR-DOM-RL-913 is a set for a single-family house. It has a built-in power supply and works at 230 VAC. It is protected by a fuse. It works on the Duplex principle, i.e. it enables a connection in which sending and receiving information works in both directions. Entry phone external panel  it is energy-saving (minimal power consumption during standby). Made of aluminum, it can be mounted both flush-mounted and surface-mounted. The set also includes a protective roof for the panel.
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Domofon jednorodzinny OR-DOM-RL-913 ORNO

 - external panel (cassette) ORNO OR-DOM-RL-913KD - 1 item;
 - uniphone ORNO OR-DOM-RL-901UD - 1 item;
 - protective roof for surface mounting of the panel - 1 item;
 - user manual;
 - receipt or VAT invoice.

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