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 New from Lahti Pro. Warning softshell jacket model L40919 made of 100% polyester with a weight of 320g / m2. Special three-layer fabric with a TPU membrane with a water resistance of 8000mm. Breathability at 3000g / m2 / 24h guarantees very high comfort of use. Reflective straps are made in accordance with EN ISO 20471. The jacket has three pockets, windproof zippers and a detachable hood with adjustable width. Removable sleeves that make a jacket from a vest. An additional zipper cover under the neck makes it not disturbing or scratching during use. Sleeves finished with welt with Velcro adjustment. The width of the jacket is adjusted with a special drawstring. Clothing has a certificate of compliance with the latest warning standard EN ISO 20471 issued by the Central Institute for Labor Protection (CIOP) CE declaration and meet the provisions of the EN ISO 13688 standard. It is in the second category of personal protective equipment.

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EN ISO 13688  - The international standard specifies general requirements for performance, in the field of ergonomics, harmlessness, size determination, aging process, compatibility and marking of protective clothing, and information that should be provided by the manufacturer with the product. This International Standard is intended to be used only in conjunction with other standards specifying requirements for a specific performance and cannot be used as a stand-alone base document.

EN ISO 20471  - This International Standard specifies the requirements for high-visibility clothing, which gives the possibility of visual indication of the user's presence, aimed at ensuring visibility of the operator for vehicle operators or other mechanical devices, in all lighting conditions, both in daylight and in the dark with lighting through the vehicle's headlights. It contains requirements for color and reflectivity, as well as minimum surfaces and distribution of materials in protective clothing.

Category II  - protective clothing that is not a means of protection against a minimal threat (cat. I) or a threat to life or health (cat. III). Category II protection covers clothing that protects against a specific factor that does not threaten life or health and does not cause permanent damage to the health of the employee. Examples of clothing in this category: clothing that protects against cuts, clothing that reduces hazards during welding - for welders and related professions, warning clothing (for road services).

Lahti Pro L40919 XL kurtka żółta ostrzegawcza

ATTENTION:  It is difficult to show the true colors of products in the pictures, it depends on the lighting when taking pictures and the camera itself. The sold jacket is more yellow than green as shown in the manufacturer's photos above. Below we took a photo of rea, l where the color of the jacket is the closest to the real one, although it is not the same color reproduction of the original ..

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Dimensions:height 176-182cm, armpit circumference 108-112cm

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