Gypsum sander and smooths Geko G80267 LED backlight


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Szlifierka do gipsu i gładzi 800W LED Geko G80267

Which plaster sander do you recommend to buy?

If it awaits you  plaster sanding  on a larger area, instead sand the walls  sandpaper and bother for hours, and then spend the day cleaning up the dust that is pressed everywhere it is better to invest in  plaster sander.  Light, clean and comfortable you can even smooth these large surfaces. This gypsum and smoothing grinder , who has dust extraction system  and speed control is a great choice. We recommend this one grinder from the company Geko . Universal and well made, it will ensure you effective and quick execution of this arduous work.

Sposób mocowania papieru w szlifierce do gipsu

 We deliver our product to the customer with a set of all parts needed for its work.

Geko G80267 szlifierka do gładzi z podświetleniem LED

Why do you recommend Geko?

Geko grinder for gypsum surfaces  It has speed adjustment of the sanding pad , and this allows you to choose the optimal speed and for the sandpaper used and the type of plaster laid. The device has an 800W electric motor. To optimize dust removal  holes are used in the clamping plate, through which the grinding dust is discharged into the attached bag. Due to its size, the grinder gives full control to the operator working with it and gives the opportunity to use it in small and hard to reach places. In addition, the grinder has LED 360 degrees lighting, and this facilitates work by additional lighting of the work surface.  Geko plaster sander G80267 is a professional device that allows you to get a smooth and even surface.

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 Product characteristics:

 Non-slip handle for comfort and safety at work
 Supportive LED lighting
 Fastening the Velcro disk
 Speed ​​controller
 Flip handle: right / left

 Below is a photo of the real set sold:

Geko G80267 zdjęcie real zestawu

 Kit Contents:
 hung dust bag
 spare carbon brushes
 Allen key
 abrasive paper set: 2x P150, 2x P180, 2x P240

Geko G80267 zdjęcie opakowania szlifierki


Diameter:hose: 32 mm
Length: 4 m cable, hose: 2 m
Rotation speed:1200 - 2300 rpm
Size: paper: 190 mm
Tension:230V / 50Hz

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