230V / 110V voltage converter with two sockets

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Przetwornica napięcia z 230V na 110V moc 1000W

How to lower the voltage from 230V to 110V?

buying  equipment imported from the USA  we must remember that there are quite quite sockets  different voltage than in Poland . To connect such equipment with us you will not need any adapters only voltage transformer . This  the inverter reduces the voltage  appearing in our network as needed to power devices imported from the USA , Mexico or Japan. First, let's check what power expressed in watts is consumed by the device that we want to connect to the power supply and then buy voltage converter . Let's make sure that there is some 30-40% more than the required power given on the box or in the instructions.

Blow PRT-1000W Przetwornica napięcia 230V/110V

If you need a converter that will lower the voltage from 230V to 110V, then we invite you to buy.

Our BLOW voltage converter  is based on the most modern components. This makes this device works very efficiently, efficiently and is completely reliable. Its metal housing and built-in protections make it a completely safe equipment. To power equipment brought from overseas will be the best choice, it is a top-class product among all converters.

 Voltage converter features:
 Solid and strong performance
 Metal and painted housing
 Built-in fuse
 Two output sockets

 Below is a photo of the real product.

Przetwornica 230/110V Blow PRT-1000W zdjęcie real


Input voltage: 230
Output voltage:110V

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