FM BLOW 74-134 LCD transmitter 2xUSB 2.1A

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Transmiter FM BLOW 74-134

What formats do transmitters support?

Some have not yet had the opportunity to meet such a device, so a few words of introduction, what is this gadget. Transmitters  through them they send music saved on various media. A radio that does not support all formats,  thanks to the transmitter  enable you to listen to your favorite music on it. Additional transmitters function  is that they serve as speakerphone component  and through their USB port give the opportunity to charge various devices. When buying a transmitter, pay attention primarily to its mounting, display and what sockets it has.

Transmiter FM z podwójnym gniazdem ładowania USB 2,1A

What functions does the BLOW transmitter have?

BLOW FM transmitter  is a device enabling us listening to music saved in MP3 format  or WMA on a car stereo that does not support these formats. The transmitter has been equipped with two USB 2.1A sockets with which we can recharge all devices  mobile (powered by USB port). Thanks to the fact that the transmitter has been mounted on a movable joint connecting the transmitter with the cigarette lighter plug, it has been enabled to position the transmitter in the car's cockpit. An interesting solution in it is the volume potentiometer, which is at the same time a button to play and pause. The device is equipped with a large and legible LCD display, on which all are displayed transmitter operating parameters .


 - 1.4 "large LCD display
 - Two USB ports with 2.1 A charging capacity (total)
 - Volume adjustment by means of a potentiometer
 - Movable joint
 - USB, SD memory support
 - AUX IN socket
 - Catalog support and 4 loop modes
 - Remote control

 Kit Contents:

 - FM transmitter with USB charger
 - Remote
 - 3.5 mm jack connection
 - Instructions

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