50 ohm coaxial cable RF-100 Belden


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High quality cable used in radio systems, designed for outdoor use. This is a Belden cable.

 The price is for 1 running meter

Przewód koncentryczny 50 Om RF100 Belden

 Its most important advantages are dimensions compliance with RG-174. The RF-100LL cable can also be used in professional antenna systems as a cable connecting low-power devices or the cable from which the connector is made, e.g. in devices operating in the 6GHz band. The cable is equivalent to RG-174 / U. The RF-100LL cable is a variation of the RF-100 cable with a slightly larger diameter of the middle vein and a foamed polytetylene dielectric. These two features allowed attenuation slightly less than the standard RF-100 cable. RF cables are a group of Belden cables designed for use in WLAN, WLL, UNII, ISM, LMDS, MMDS, NMT, GSM and 3G devices.

RF100 Belden na rolce

 Attenuation [dB / 100m]:
 50 MHz: 15
 100 MHz: 21.3
 200 MHz: 30.1
 500 MHz: 48.6
 800 MHz: 62.6
 1000 MHz: 70
 1750 MHz: 95.4
 2000 MHz: 102.3
 2400 MHz: 114
 5200 MHz: 183.3
 5500 MHz: 188.5
 5800 MHz: 195.4
 6000 MHz: 198.7


Capacity:77.1 pF / sq m
Dielectric:HDPE gas foam
Diameter:1.52mm dielectric
External coating:PVC
Impedance:50.0 ohms
Internal diameter:20 AWG; 0.51mm, 2.79mm
Load resistor:indoor / outdoor[om/km]: 10.9 / 13.8
Storage temperature:80 * C.

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