Antenna CB DELTA 875N2 72cm Magnet Joint


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There are antennas and there are antennas

Antena CB DELTA 875N2 magnes

What to consider when choosing a CB radio antenna?

Car antennas  are part of a radio set without which there will be no coverage. In the case of car antennas, the differences are due to the mount, antenna length  and range. The fixing can be fixed by drilling a hole in the car body or magnet, magnetic fixing sometimes simplifies life. Just peel off the antenna and put it in the car. As for coverage, don't be fooled by incentives like "this antenna has a range of 10-20 kilometers".  Antenna range  depends on the terrain, dense buildings limit the range, while traveling on hills will increase the range of the same antenna by a few dozen kilometers. In contrast, the length in this case matters, the longer the antenna the longer  from a larger area we will receive a signal.

Antena CB DELTA 875N2 "szklana" cewka

You've come to the right place, here you can buy a professional CB DELTA 875N2 antenna

CB antenna  DELTA 875N2 is  car antenna for CB radio . The antenna length is 72 centimeters,  is mounted on a magnet  with a diameter of 7.5 centimeters. The antenna has a hinge that allows it to bend when needed. This antenna does not cause any problems during use. This is an extremely apt choice that will certainly meet our expectations.

Antena CB DELTA 875N2 zdjęcia real produktu

The main features of the antenna:
Antenna for mounting on a magnetic holder
 Antenna tilt option (hinge)
 The radiator fixing head on the PL connector
 Cable terminated with a plug for CB Radio UC1
 Diameter: 7.5 cm magnet
 Height: with magnet: 72cm
 Material: copper, stainless steel

Antena CB DELTA 875N2 zdjęcia real anteny na samochodzie


Connector:male type UHF (PL-259), cable 4.3 m
Frequency:26-28 MHz
Impedance:50 ohm
Maximum power: 30 W continuous
Peak / temporary power: temporary 150W
Reinforcement:> 3 dBi
Standing wave coefficient: (SWR -> Polish WFS): <1.2: 1

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