Chainsaw Powermat PM-HR-7020 + STIHL oil

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Powerm chainsaw massacre

Piła łańcuchowa Powermat PM-HR-7020

If you are looking for a chainsaw, then choose the Powermat PM-HR-7020

FROM  such a chainsaw  one would like to grub up a forest. The soul is calling to Cut !! Cut. Unfortunately, not everything can be cut, but since you are here it means that  saw  you need it and you'll have what to cut.  Petrol chainsaws  they are not toys, they have their power and weight. They dominate the electric ones because they do not limit the work to the range of the cable. If there is a cutting task ahead of you  thick branches  at different distances from the house, you must choose it chainsaw with longer guide and more power. If you need a saw to cut wood for the fireplace, then you need a saw with a smaller power and with a shorter guide.
 We add to each saw  FREE OIL STIHL

Olej STIHL do każdej piły Powermat

Distinguishing features of the Powermat PM-HR-7020 chainsaw

Powermat saw  PM-HR-7020 is a saw made of AZC1231 grade magnesium alloy and this alloy means higher tensile strength, corrosion and higher hardness than other metals used in saw production. Our components saws  was made by thixotropic pressure casting, which resulted in obtaining the highest durability of materials.  Japanese carburetor  Walbro will always give you the confidence to start the engine regardless of the ambient temperature. Floating sprocket is easy to put on the chain and greater resistance to loads.  Powermat chainsaw equipped with a safety brake, anti-vibration function, automatic chain lubrication and a clutch. The power of the device is 4.9HP, for which the 52cm3 engine is responsible.

Powermat PM-HR-7020 Piła spalinowa

 a set of keys
 tank for making the mixture
 PL instruction
 cover for guides
 original packaging

Piła Powermat PM-HR-7020 z olejem STIHL


Chain ​​jump: 0.325 inches
Capacity:52cm2, fuel tank: 550ml, oil tank: 260ml
Engine type:2-stroke
Guide: 40cm / 16 inches
Idle speed:2800 rpm.
Power:4.9 km
Speed:Max 8000 rpm. , max engine: 11000 rpm.
Weight: 6.15 kg

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