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Happy are those who don't need to use the alarm clock

Zegarek, budzik, stacja pogody L45A

We recommend 3 in 1 - alarm clock, thermometer, clock

Happy are you who do not have to measure time. Few who live  without an alarm clock and those who don't have to  look at the watch  you can count on your fingers. If you don't belong to those lucky ones and unfortunately you have to measure time  we recommend it to you watch with alarm clock function . If you're wondering which one to choose, we'll help you. The best are those that discreetly show the time, gently wake up and the look in May is one that adapts perfectly to any interior design. Our alarm clock  additionally, I will show you What's the temperature  around. Are you determined Put it in the basket and you won't be disappointed.

Zegar z budzikiem, duży i czytelny wyświetlacz LCD.

Is it worth buying such a watch? Well worth it!

Our  clock with an alarm clock  has a large and readable LCD display, so that even older people will not have a problem reading what it is hour . Clock has built-in dusk sensor thanks to that display  gently illuminates (does not dazzle) when it begins to darken. This ensures that at night the time is visible without unnecessary pressing of strong backlight. However, during the day the backlight is automatically turned off.

Zegarek, budzik, stacja pogody L45A

 Product features:
 - thermometer
 - alarm clock
 - 12/24 hour format
 - calendar
 - manual backlight (using the button)

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