Automatic K264 cable stripper

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Automatyczny ściągacz izolacji K264

Is it worth investing in an automatic wire stripper?

Is it worth investing in  professional insulation stripping device ? You can not invest, you can cut cables with a knife. But let's try to manually process not one, but a dozen or so cables, then the stairs will start. Instead of doing the work twice, we will spend several hours on such an installation. It wasn't created for that  automatic wire stripper  so that you would have to play with a knife. The money is not big and the work facilitates a lot.  Stripping tool  makes it quick and for that precise insulation removal  and not only from a single-strand cable, but also from a multi-strand cable. It is an ideal tool not only for professionals, but also for people who deal with electronics only as a hobby.

Ściągacz izolacji K264 w opakowaniu

The K264 insulation stripper will be an ideal tool for removing installations from cables

Automatic wire stripper  K264 are pliers that will strip insulation from any wire. They pull off insulation not only from single-stranded, but also from multi-stranded. They are ideal for cables with a thickness between 10 AWG to 24 AWG (0.2 ~ 6.0mm2). Our puller automatically adjusts to the diameter of the currently processed wire. Will not damage metal parts of insulation  and thanks to the fact that it has a handle with non-slip rubber, it holds firmly in hand.

Automatyczny ściągacz izolacji K264


Connectors crimping:1.5-6 mm2
Cable thickness:0.2-6 mm2
Cutting:0.5-2.5 mm2
Length:handle: 200 mm
Shears: integrated cable shears
Welt: insulation for cables and wires (wire and stranded wire) - automatic

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