Car blow gps locator BL002

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Lokalizator samochodowy GPS Blow BL002

Navigation or GPS locator?

Some confuse navigation with the locator and these are two completely different things. locator  is a small device that receives the signal from the satellite, then determines its position relative to it and finally transmits the information. Mostly, information is transmitted via the cellular network. An extremely useful device, not only  Locates the vehicle  but you can also set warning functions in case of speeding or send fast SOS signal . locator  is extremely useful, especially on business vehicles. They are used by courier companies, sales representatives and even uniformed services.

Lokalizator uniwersalny GPS BL002 opakowanie

If we are to recommend a good locator, we recommend the universal GPS locator BL002

Recommended to him as  car locator , motorbikes, boats and other vehicles. The locator connection is equipped with a fuse, which facilitates installation in the vehicle. The built-in battery is a rechargeable battery. It will maintain the voltage in the device even after disconnection from the power source. The battery-powered locator will work for up to 4 hours (2 days in extended standby mode). positions  using GPS + AGPS + 3LBS. In response to an SMS with a question about the location of a return SMS we get already with the coordinates and a link to Google's mother. The locator enables tracking  location in real time on your smartphone, which is helped by the free IOS application - GPSONE and on your computer via the free platform

 Additional locator functions:

 - Geo - Setting the alarm for exceeding the designated zone (longitude and latitude);
 - Alarm setting for exceeding the set speed;
 - SOS number setting;
 - Simple and functional operation of the device;
 - The ability to create a group of devices (for this purpose please contact the system administrator

Lokalizator GPS widok na smartfonie

 Set contains:
 - BL002 locator;
 - Connection for installation in the vehicle;
 - fuse;
 - screwdriver;
 - User manual.

Lokalizator GPS Blow BL002 zdjęcie real zestawu

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