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A real man uses decent equipment

Golarka męska Mesko MS 2920

What is better electric shaver than traditional one?

A classic shaver  disposable, you can get stuck even if you are a shaving master, shaving is time consuming and you have to remember to buy a new one. Electric shaver  they are usually rings of foil plates, under which the cutting blades hide. These rings are mobile and thus adapt perfectly to the shape of the face . They are fast and very effective, they give advice even to the unruly, growing in different directions hairs.  Shaving  using such a machine is pure pleasure, slow circular movements give the impression of a massage  face after shaving  remains smooth and soft.

Zdjęcie mężczyzny z golarką

Which electric razor do you recommend?

If you value precision combined with convenience, then you must decide on  this shaver model  - Mesko MS 2920 . This  choosing a real man. Shaver equipped with three precise and movable heads with a system of independent blades. It has batteries that you can charge at night so that it is ready to move you in the morning  shave smoothly.  Don't worry, if you forget to recharge it, you can always connect it to the network and start shaving right away.

Mesko MS 2920 golarka zdjęcia z różnych stron

 Shaver description:
 Three movable shaving heads
 Modern head profile
 A close shave
 Cordless network
 Charging indicator
 Retractable trimmer
 Lock indicator

Mesko MS 2920 Trzy ruchome głowice golące

 Travel sachet and cleaning brush


Charging time:8 hours
Power: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Working time:60 min

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