VIPOW BAT0218 12V 20Ah gel battery

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Not only cars need a battery

Akumulator żelowy VIPOW 12V 20Ah

Characteristics of a gel battery

Gel battery  is characterized by high tightness, therefore the risk of leakage is very small.  Gel batteries  they are practically maintenance-free, because the gel electrolyte does not evaporate and does not need to be topped up. They are also from late on discharge , even during long downtimes, they do not lose their accumulated load. And subsequent charging and discharging will not cause loss of properties of such a battery. They are not suitable for cars as  starter batteries because they have low power when supplying high currents, especially at low temperatures. Instead, they are resistant to shocks and vibrations.

 General features:
 Design preventing leakage of electrolyte
 Hermetic housing
 Safety valve against explosion
 High quality and reliability
 Extremely strong power recovery property
 Low self-discharge characteristics
 Can be installed in many positions

Akumulator żelowy VIPOW 12V 20Ah

Where are the gel batteries used?

Gel batteries are intended for cyclical work  and to buffer systems  ((emergency power supply). They have a very high service life, great parameters and their cyclic strength is higher by 25% than standard lead-acid batteries.
 Application of gel batteries:
 radiophonic systems
 electric toys
 emergency lighting
 medical equipment
 motorcycles, quads, scooters, mowers, boats, motorboats etc.
 cash registers, fiscal printers
 mobile devices
 emergency power supply for automation
 emergency security supply
 navigation devices
 Alarm Systems
 fire protection systems
 Commercial TV
 solar battery systems
 power supply in caravans
 medical equipment
 Advantages of gel batteries:
 Increased number of discharge-charge cycles,
 Gel electrolyte (does not stratify, does not volatilize)
 He also works at elevated working temperatures
 Very good performance with long discharge times,
 A lot less self-discharge
 Works great with unstable mains,
 For daily, repeated discharges.

Akumulator żelowy VIPOW 12V 20Ah

 Capacity (25 ° C)
 20 hours: 20 Ah
 10 hours: 19 Ah
 5 hours: 16.8 Ah
 1 hour: 12 Ah

 The effect of temperature on capacity
 40 ° C: 102%
 25 ° C: 100%
 0 ° C: 85%
 -15 ° C: 62%

 Automatic discharge (25 ° C)
 Capacity after 3 months storage: 91%
 Capacity after 6 months storage: 82%
 Capacity after 9 months storage: 64%

 Dimensions (LxWxH) :
 181 x 77 x 167 mm
 Weight: 6.2 kg


Armed mode: (25 ° C): 13.6 - 13.8 V
Cyclical work:(25 ° C): 14.5 - 14.9 V
Capacity: 20 Ah
Internal resistance:(when the battery is fully charged, 25 ° C): 12 mOhm
Initiation current:max <6 A
Tension:12 V.

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