Hogert HT1P285 white PVC insulation tape

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HT1P285 white

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Taśma izolacyjna PCV biała

What is the insulation tape for?

Insulating tape  otherwise also called Electro  is a tape that serves d about insulating electrical wires . It's usually made of PVC and that makes it  the tape is elastic  and insulates well and that's what we mean. In addition, the bottom of the tape is a durable adhesive based on rubber or acrylic and this, together with its flexibility, means that it is not only  great insulator but also super strongly fixes things to concrete , wood, plastic or e.g. bricks. Insulating tape  it is resistant to moisture and high temperatures, which makes it a super insulator. Another important feature of insulating tape is that it is self-extinguishing , i.e. it does not support the spread of fire.

Hogert HT1P285

Are the types of insulation tapes?

There are various types of tapes used for insulation of electric wires, synthetic tapes, insulating tape High temperature , tape samowulkanizacyjna. For insulation of electric wires  to make marking easier, the tapes come in different colors, here we sell white tapes.

 The use of insulation tapes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning:

 Electrical insulation
 Fastening and strengthening of wires and connections
 Wrapping and tying wires and cables
 Color marking of wires
 Gluing, connecting, repairing and wrapping wires
 Masking and securing wires and connections
 Waterproof sealing of joints

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