Spirit level PRO600 vertical and horizontal length 120cm

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No matter what, always keep a certain level

Poziomica PRO600 pion i poziom

What is the spirit level used for?

Level  is a device for determining levels and perpendiculars and slopes, if we need them.  Spirit level operation  is the use of gravity. The main element of each spirit level is the vial, the vials can have a box or tubular shape. Tubular vial  is more precise, which is why it is used not only in the simplest spirit levels, but also in those more precise, such as electronic total stations. The leveling accuracy first owes the vials, but also the workmanship, material and size are also of great importance. The best spirit levels  on the market they can show the result even with an accuracy of 0.5 mm / m.

Poziomica PRO600 40cm łatwy odczyt

Spirit level, bubble level, bubble level are just some of the names that describe this device

No matter what you call it, it's important that it fulfills its task and its job is to correctly determine the vertical and level. Professional spirit level  from PRO to  the best instrument  on the market in this category. Its construction is a rectangular profile made of aluminum alloy having greater resistance to temperature and humidity changes. The spirit level has a vial with an accuracy of 0.5 mm / m = 0.029 °. The shape of the vial allows reading regardless of the viewing angle . And the effect of a magnifying glass makes the bubble perfectly visible, which speeds up the reading. The entire tool has no sharp edges, so cleaning is easy and pleasant.

Poziomnmnice PRO liderem na rynku

 Spirit level features:
 - A magnifying glass effect increases the bubble size
 - Gentle shapes and no sharp edges
 - The ribs and ribs increase the stiffness of the spirit level profiles and provide additional protection against mechanical damage


Ends:Plastic made of plastics with a high energy absorption coefficient
Libelle: level - EASY READING , vertical.

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