Spirit level PRO600 vertical and horizontal length 80cm


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Professional spirit level built on a rectangular profile. Currently one of the most recognizable spirit levels on the Polish market.

Poziomica PRO600 pion i poziom

 The spirit level is equipped with the innovative "EASY READING" level vial with a measurement accuracy of 0.5 mm / m = 0.029 °, which replaced the traditional cube-shaped vial. The specially designed oval shape of the vial allows you to read the position of the bubble, regardless of the viewing angle, and thus provides quick and easy reading. In addition, the effect of a magnifying glass was obtained, making the bubble larger than in the previous vial. The new vial and the masking frame itself have no sharp edges, which allows easy cleaning of the tool from any dirt.

Poziomica PRO600 40cm łatwy odczyt

Poziomnmnice PRO liderem na rynku

 - Modern level vial for easy and quick reading, regardless of the viewing angle
 - The effect of a magnifying glass, obtained thanks to the special structure of the vial, increasing the size of the bubble
 - Gentle shapes and no sharp edges for easy and quick cleaning of the tool from any dirt
 - Ribs and ribs increasing the stiffness of the spirit level profiles and providing additional protection against mechanical damage


Accuracy:0.5 mm / m = 0.029 °
Execution: made of aluminum alloy
Ends: Plastic made of plastics with a high energy absorption coefficient, providing effective protection for the profile
Libelle:horizontal - EASY READING, vertical
Resistance:to temperature and humidity changes

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