Straight grinder with the Powermat PM-SPT-350 accessory set


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Szlifierka prosta z zestawem akcesoriów

What are these small grinders for?

Are you a model maker, jeweler or maybe an engraver? need  polishing equipment , grinding or engraving? You've come to the right place, here you can buy a device that will cope with all these tasks. Craftsmen and amateurs of precise gouging will appreciate them. With the help of tips attached to  grinders you'll be able to process almost all available materials. Plastic, ceramics, minerals or even metal, no material will resist you. Everything you need is in this set, from brushes to styles  and ending with chisels and collets.

Powermat PM-SPT-350 szlifierka prosta

What is the best multi-sander among mini grinders?

Using ours j mini grinders  Powermat, you'll be able to drill, brush,  grind  and  engrave . All the attachments included in the kit can be quickly and safely changed using the so-called quick coupling. A flexible connection is useful where it is difficult to get. The ends are secured by an annular clamp, which guarantees a firm attachment. Depending on the type of material being processed, in the grinder you can change the speed . The whole set is packed in plastic, practical packaging.

Szlifierka Powermat PM-SPT-350 z elastycznym przyłączem

 Set contains:
 Bent shaft with accessories holder
 Allen key
 A set of brushes
 Grinding wheels
 Spindles for mounting disc wheels
 Sanding belts
 Tape holders
 Engraving cutters
 Whetstone reducers

Akcesoria Powermat PM-SPT-350


Equipment:300 different tips
Tension:230 V ~ 50 Hz
Turnover: 8,000 - 30,000 rpm

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