Uni-T UT383 light intensity meter


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 Either it shines strongly or weakly, why measure it?

Miernik natężenia światła Uni-T UT383

Illumination meter, or lux meter

light meter  is a sensor with which we measure the light intensity in the place that surrounds us. What is the light measured for? This is one of the most important requirements for the job. This light affects how quickly, safely and comfortably the employee performs tasks that require focus. Properly set lighting  improves well-being and performance as well as reduces eye strain. Polish law places these demands on the employer. The lighting should be appropriate to the type of work and meet all required standards. Instead of outsourcing measurements, we can do it ourselves light intensity measurement  just with such a lux meter.

How to measure the light intensity correctly?

In order for the measurement to be reliable, several rules should be observed, including humidity and temperature should be within the range allowed by the meter manufacturer. light meter  should be properly calibrated and the measuring person should interfere with the measurement as little as possible (e.g. not to stand on the light line, wear dark clothes without reflective decorations). The Uni-T UT383 light meter is a mini lux meter, it fits perfectly in your hand and the display clearly shows the measured light intensity value

. The display is backlit and the meter turns off after 5 minutes, which allows for economical battery operation.

 Features of the lux meter:
 Backlit LCD display
 MAX / MIN function - registers the maximum and minimum value
 HOLD - display hold function
 Automatic switch off after 5 minutes
 Low battery indicator
 Reload notification

Miernik natężenia światła Uni-T UT383

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Accuracy: ± (4% of reading + 8 digits); ± (5% reading + 10 digits)
Measurement:0-199,999 Lux; 0-19,999 FC
Resolution:1 Lux / 10 Lux; 1 FC / 10 FC
Sampling: 2 / s

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