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Cacophony of sounds deafens you?

Miernik poziomu głośności Uni-T UT353

Sound meter or sonometer?

Not everyone knows that  sound meter  has several synonyms, among others sonometer  whether decybelomierz . This device is used to measure the volume of sound . Thanks to it, we will check whether the noise in everyday surroundings does not exceed the permissible standards. This is a great device for acoustics , health and safety inspectors and construction inspectors, it works in healthcare, offices, schools and other environments where it is necessary  determination of noise level . It will also be useful for private use to check if a neighbor sometimes destroys our hearing with deafening music. Most of the noise meters offered on the market include sound measurement from 30 dB to about 130 dB.

Miernik dźwiękui Uni-T UT353

How does the decibel meter work?

Sound meter  is the receiving microphone  sound waves  and transforming them into a suitable electrical signal. This one is amazing  sensitive sonometer  measure sound level  and will inform us if, for example, they have not been exceeded noise value standards  acceptable in the workplace (sound intensity during 8 hours of operation must not exceed 85 dB.), or how does soundproofing in a recording studio look like.

 Features of the decibel meter:

 The durable housing protects the device in the event of a fall
 MAX / MIN function - for continuous measurements, the display only shows the maximum and minimum values.
 Automatic shut-off - you can avoid discharging the battery too quickly
 Record of measurements
 Low battery indicator
 Screen backlight
 Overcharge protection

Miernik poziomu głośności Uni-T UT353


Accuracy: ± 1.5dB
Band: 31,5Hz-8kHz
Correction curve:AND
Display: LCD: 32x26 mm
Dimensions:150 x 52 x 27 mm
Frequency:sampling: high-125ms; low-1000ms
Measurement:30-130 dB
Power: 3x AAA batteries, 1.5V
Resolution: 0.1dB
Weight: 116g

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