Temperature meter, Uni-T UT300S pyrometer

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You can't always touch to measure

Miernik temperatury Uni-T UT300S

What is a pyrometer and what is it for?

pyrometers enter the action where ordinary thermometers are no longer useful. First of all, because the pyrometer reaches where the ordinary thermometer does not reach. That is why it is such a device valued in many industries. In construction it will help measure the temperature various heating, cooling or electrical components. In the food industry they will help in cold stores and other places where food is stored.  Pyrometers work  based on the analysis of thermal radiation emitted by the examined body. They work great in virtually every industry. They enjoy recognition because they let us measure the temperature from a safe distance.

Miernik temperatury Uni-T UT300S

A pyrometer thermometer is useful in many industries

Pyrometric thermometer  UNI-T UT300S with a large backlit LCD screen. Saves the last measurement and the maximum or minimum temperature value. It will automatically turn off to save battery life. Powered by batteries or mains. Battery level visible on the indicator. The thermometer indicates too low or too high a temperature. Measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheits. The light weight, ergonomic design, measurement accuracy and ease of use make it  a pyrometer is extremely useful  and for professionals as well as for enthusiasts of home repairs.


Accuracy:± 2 ° C or ± 2%
Dimensions:270 x 90 x 40mm, LCD 22 x 22 mm
Emissivity:0.1 ~ 1 (variable)
Power:9V battery (6F22)
Repeatability:± 0.5 ° C or ± 0.5%
Response time: 500 mS
Temperature range: -32 ° C-400 ° C
Weight:185 g

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