Cordless hair clipper with ceramic base


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You don't always have to visit a hair salon

Bezprzewodowa strzyżarka do włosów Adler AD 2827

Are you looking for a professional hair clipper?

If you only need a haircut, every now and then you don't have to spend money at the hair salon. You will go there only when you need fancy hairdo for some occasion. Invest in  a hair clipper , and the expense will pay you back soon.

Strzyżarka do włosów Adler AD 2827 ze stacją dokującą

Modern clippers  now have a lot of amenities such as  adjustable cutting degree , they work without a cable, so you can take them with you, they are quiet and have a nice design. The choice is huge, so sometimes it's hard to decide, we'll describe it to you here  clippers representative  from Adler.

Opakowanie strzyzarki Adler AD 2827

What can the Adler AD 2827 hair clipper do?

Adler hair trimmer  AD 2827 are ceramic blades that cut with the precision of a surgical scalpel! The maximum power of the device is 50 W and the engine speed is up to 5800 rpm and at the same time it is very quiet, because the noise emits only 60 decibels. It has two speeds and four comb attachments. With their help  you will shorten your hair  by 3, 6, 9, 12 millimeters.  clippers  works on batteries or on a power cable. The battery can last up to 300 minutes. The machine consists of highest quality elements, titanium head  and ceramic knives guarantee long years of using the machine.

Strzyżenie włosów nigdy nie było szybsze i prostsze!

Comes with a clipper  there is a cleaning brush and oil to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the device. The docking station and power cord can also be found in the set.
 Small dimensions allow it to be stored in a drawer or cabinet. sklep z produktami marki Adler

Maszynka do strzyżenia akumulatorowo sieciowa Adler AD 2827


Battery:Capacious - Lithium-Ion 2200MAh
Equipment:4 comb attachments: 3, 6, 9, 12 mm, charging tray, brush, oil and power supply
Head:Titanium / ceramic blade
Nominal power:3W
Operating mode:2 speeds
Working time:5 hours

Product reviews


Zbawienie dla każdej kobiety, której facet nie chce chodzić do barbera :D mój dostał i sam teraz dba o brodę, także drogie Panie - polecam zaopatrzyć w to niepozorne urządzenie swoich mężczyzn :)


Myślę, że jeśli ktoś poszukuje niedrogiej, solidnej strzyżarki, to dobrze trafił. Nie nagrzewa się, pracuje standardowo na jednym ładowaniu, ręka nie boli od siły wibracji przy strzyżeniu. A tego oczekuję właśnie od takiego urządzenia.

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