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Odbiornik Bluetooth jack BT Receiver

All your equipment can become wireless thanks to the Bluetooth Media-Tech receiver

So small but it can do that. It's mega working receiver and relay in one.  He will pick up the sound  with any bluetooth enabled equipment and will transfer wherever you want. No matter if you want to send music from your phone to the radio or safely have a conversation while driving, this small device will do it for you.  Wireless  and extremely  functional bluetooth receiver  just connect to the AUX socket and you can enjoy it  wireless sound reception .

Media-Tech MT3588 zdjęcia w samochodzie

 Extremely wide use of the receiver makes this equipment desirable for many customers of our store.

Media-Tech MT3588 moduł bluetooth z jackiem

Simple operation and cooperation with most BT interfaces are the advantages of the MT3588 receiver

MT3588 receiver from Media-Tech is intended for  for receiving audio from smartphones  and other devices that support Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect it to AUX and pair it with some wireless sound source. Operation is extremely easy through the buttons located on the player. You can use it in the car by connecting to the car radio and  listen to music on the phone  or use the radio and a smartphone as a speakerphone. You can change your usual  cable headphones  in advanced wireless headphones . Or maybe you have great music on your phone and there are speakers in the room that ask you to listen to them? All you need is this tiny bluetooth receiver.

Media-Tech MT3588 wielozadaniowy bluetooth

 Device features:

 Works with most BT interfaces on smartphones and cell phones.
 Answer call, volume and media control buttons
 Built-in sensitive microphone
 Easy pairing and operation
 Metal jack - jack adapter
 Clothes hook
Media-Tech MT3588 bluetooth z mikrofonem

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