HVLP spray painting unit Dedra DED7410

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Don't you like waving a brush?

Agregat HVLP do malowania natryskowego

Spray painting is the most efficient and economical painting

Painting walls  is an integral part of the renovation. In order to paint the walls  it's enough to have a brush and paint, but why bother if we can use a spray tool ? Unless we have to paint a few square meters then, in fact there is no need to invest in such a device. But if we are to paint a larger surface, then the fastest and most economical painting technique is spray painting . But such an aggregate is not only painting walls, it is also  staining  whether  painting . No brush or roller can get to the compartments, bends and other unusual shapes that we need to paint or impregnate. And thanks to the device for spray painting the paint will reach everywhere.  The effect of such painting is a smooth and even surface.

Dedra DED7410 agregat do malowania

Invest in a good painting set and you won't regret it

Painting aggregate  HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure translated large volume at low pressure). This device is used for spraying paint , stain, enamel, wood preservatives and metal primers. It's quick, easy and economical painting . This aggregate enables  horizontal spraying  and vertically. Spraying can be adjusted by changing the position of the nozzle cover.

Dedra DED7410 zdjęcie opakowania

 Device characteristics:
HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) painting unit
Perfect when renovating an apartment
Most of the available paints for spraying can be used in it
Horizontal and vertical painting without streaks
1 liter paint tank
The gun is made of aluminum
The set includes all elements needed for work

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