180W orbital sander Vulcan Concept VZO180

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 If sanding is waiting for you .....

Szlifierka oscylacyjna Vulcan Concept VZO180

What is the orbital sander for?

Orbital sander  this tool for surface treatment  flat and  for rough surface grinding rounded. The rectangular foot allows you to conveniently reach the corners of the sanded item. Principle of operation  grinders  is the swinging movement of the sanding pad. The high frequency and low vibration amplitude make the tool  perfectly machines  large and even surfaces. How are they different? orbital sanders ? Foot dimension (the larger the less time we spend on grinding), the number of oscillations per minute (depends on it grinding accuracy ) and eccentricity, i.e. the amplitude of oscillations (the higher the eccentricity, the greater the efficiency).

Szlifierka Vulcan Concept VZO180 w opakowaniu

Why do we recommend the Vulcan Concept VZO180 orbital sander?

Orbital sander Vulcan Concept VZO180 is great quality and low price.  Vulcan Concept brand  produces  power  for users who value functionality and affordable prices. Among the offered products are many popular construction and workshop power tools.  Vulcan grinder  VZO180 is ergonomic and effective.

Szlifierka oscylacyjna Vulcan Concept VZO180

 Additional accessories:

 2 sheets of sandpaper with a grain size of 80 and 120
 2 carbon brushes
 Dust bag

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