Quattro Opticum LRP-06H Red Rocket converter


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Konwerter Quatro Opticum LRP-06H Red Rocket

What do you need a Quatro converter for?

Quatro Opticum converter LRP-06H Red Rocket will be useful  for collective installation . One  satellite antenna , several or several receivers.  Signals from the converter  are connected to the multiswitch inputs, W  multiswitch installation  each receiver works as if it were connected to its own satellite dish. A properly made satellite installation and properly selected elements guarantee that digital satellite TV will be received without interference. The precise performance and high technical parameters of the converter translate into greater resistance to atmospheric conditions that are reflected in the quality received signal.

Opticum LRP-06H Red Rocket w opakowaniu

We present to you the latest converter model.

Opticum Quatro LRP -06H Red Rocket is the latest converter model  Opticum brand. Low radiator converter  intended for  multifeed installations . What is this  multifeed system ? It is a satellite television installation consisting of mounting several satellite converters to one dish, this solution will allow us to receive radio and television broadcasts from several satellites. The whole series of Red Rocket converters is characterized by low noise level of -0.1 dB and this translates into high quality of the received signal.  Quatro Optimum converter  has high reinforcement, good protection of all joints against oxidation and stable oscillator . It is recommended to use it,  to antennas  single and multi focal lengths for  HDTV / DVB-S2 transmission . Exactly that narrow radiator  The converter allows you to set it close to satellite positions on antennas from 80 centimeters.

Opticum LRP-06H Red Rocket konwerter quattro do miltiswitcha

 connector covers F

Konwerter Opticum Quattro LRP-06H zdjęcie tabliczki znamionowej


Frequency range:10.7 - 12.75 GHz
Handle diameter:40 mm
Local oscillator:9.75 / 10.6 GHz
Noise factor:0.1 dB

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