24V / 230V 600W / 300W voltage converter


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Przetwornica 24V/230V 600W/300W BLOW 5873

BLOW electronic voltage converter. The device converts 24V DC voltage to 230V AC voltage. This makes it ideal for passenger cars and other vehicles equipped with 24V installation. Perfect for powering laptops, notebooks, chargers, small home appliances etc.

Przetwornica samochodowa BLOW 5873

The device has a solid performance and low failure rate. The converter housing is made entirely of aluminum, which promotes heat dissipation. Additionally equipped with a silent fan to cool the systems inside the device. The device has a number of protections to protect connected devices, among others: overload protection, thermal protection, short-circuit protection and others. The BLOW converter has an auto restart function. Thanks to it, when the inverter turns off after one of the protections is activated, it is not necessary to turn off the power. Just reduce the load and the inverter will start automatically. The operating status is indicated by the LEDs lighting up. The converter has a set of battery mounting cables.

Okablowanie przetwornicy samochodowej BLOW 5873

Opakowanie fabryczne  przetwornicy samochodowej BLOW 5873


Carton dimensions: 205 x 150 x 68 mm
Continuous power:300W
Cooling method:mechanical fan
Dimensions:190 x 98 x 60 mm
Fuse:10A x 2
Idle current:<0.25A
Input voltage:DC 24V (DC 22 - 30V)
Nest: USB: DC 5V / 500mA
Output voltage:AC 230V | (+/- 10%)
Output frequency:50 Hz 60 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)
Peak / temporary power: 600W
Switch:overload: 360W - 460W
Shape of output wave: modified sine wave
Thermal switch: 60C (+/- 5C)
Turning off - high voltage input: DC 30V ~ 32V
Turning off - low input voltage:DC 18.4V ~ 19.6V
Working temperature:+ 5C ~ + 35C

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