Boombox LT Bluetooth Media-Tech MT3155

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What a wonderful solution bluetooth is

Boombox LT Bluetooth Media-Tech MT3155 mobilne granie

Do you already know wireless headphones, mice and keyboards and have had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the wireless speaker?

I don't think anyone is surprised anymore  wireless transmission image or sound. Virtually all of us have at home or used wireless sets. One of the latest equipment is probably the wireless speakers. Until recently, to listen to the loud music outside the house you had to take a tape recorder on your shoulder and when going camping you had to take care of power supply and take a record with you. Now you take, for example, a telephone and in the other hand a loudspeaker and move where the legs will carry. From any equipment on which you have music loaded and which has bluetooth  send to speaker  everything you want.

Boombox LT Bluetooth Media-Tech MT3155 widok gniazd przyłączeniowych

 boombox is free movement without any restrictions caused by unnecessary cables.

Boombox LT Bluetooth Media-Tech MT3155 widok z przodu

Wireless, convenient and lightweight speaker for your music

Compact Bluetooth speaker  BOOMBOX LT MT3155 from Media-Tech with a built-in 4 "speaker with 6W RMS power. Any supporting device bluetooth technology  can work with this speaker. Additionally, BOOMBOX LT reads music files from memory cards and other data storage media, e.g. flash drives. Built-in battery , fully charged, it works for up to three hours. The 3.5mm AUX connector will allow you to connect any audio source.  Speaker has 4 non-slip feet.

Boombox Media-Tech MT3155 w opakowaniu
Błośnik bluetooth Media-Tech MT3155

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