Car fridge 24L 12V K250A

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Summer, summer, summer is waiting, along with the summer the river is waiting

Samochodowa lodówka turystyczna 12V/24V

In a few days, in a few days, you'll take your fridge and guitar

Are you waiting for a trip? Are you going camping? It will be necessary  tourist fridge . Hot days will come and you won't have anything to cool down. And then you will appreciate this purchase.  Car fridge  is the perfect solution to such problems. You'll hide drinks, ice cream, fruit and food carefully prepared before the trip.  Powered from a cigarette lighter socket  will not let all the goods hidden in it go to waste. 24 liters of fridge volume  car enough to bring your favorite treats.

K250A lodówka turystyczna

 The low weight of this fridge makes it perfect even when shopping. Putting in her  freezing cartridges  you can easily bring ice cream from the store to your home without fear of making your family happy with mush at the bottom of the bag.

Lodówka turystyczna na piknik

 A car fridge is a great solution when traveling or camping
 A small and spacious chamber with a capacity of 24 liters. A lock on closing prevents the fridge from accidentally opening.  Temperature inside the chamber  it will always be at least 15 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Lodówka samochodowa zasilana z zapalniczki samochodowej

 The handle on the lid makes it easy  fridge transport . Just remember that this fridge will not cool things that are not cold. Always put only previously chilled products inside.

Lodówka samochodowa z uniwersalnym zasilaniem 12 i 24V

 Powered from a 12 V cigarette lighter socket (48W power).

Lodówka samochodowa przenośna ze zdejmowana pokrywą

 The device is also designed to store a warm product

Lodówka samochodowa na napoje i żywność

Lodówka turystyczna z zasilaniem samochodowym


 total: 39cm x 24cm x H 41cm
 chamber: 33cm x 19cm x H 33cm

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