Teesa Sonic TSA8010 sonic toothbrush

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Higher level of oral care

Soniczna szczoteczka do zębów Teesa Sonic TSA8010

What does sonic mean and how does such a brush work?

It modernized and  improved version of the brush  power. After obtaining the FDA certification, it stormed the oral hygiene product market by storm. then, sonic is different from electricity? For example, that the electric performs about 8,000 thousand revolutions per minute and the sonic starts at 30,000 per minute. Is it impressive? Also  sonic toothbrush  removes dirt by sweeping-pulsating movement, producing sound waves causes the formation of micro bubbles in the mouth and those with incredible strength detach dental plaque  and reach all the gaps between the teeth. The brush removes not only plaque but also bacteria and contributes to the removal of discoloration, co  results in a snow-white smile

Teesa Sonic TSA8010 soniczna akumulatorowa szczoteczka do zębów

A beautiful and snow-white smile thanks to Tessa's sonic toothbrush

Tessa Sonic  this device will meet your expectations, technologically advanced will help take care of your teeth properly . Every 30 seconds the brush will signal that it is time to change part of the cleaned mouth. After two minutes it will turn off automatically. It has three modes of operation, cleaning, massage and gentle brushing . The 700mAh battery guarantees up to six weeks of operation. In the set you will get a charger and two brush heads

Szczoteczka do zębów Teesa TSA8010

 3 modes of operation:

Szczoteczka do zębów Teesa Sonic widok na półce w łazience

Soniczna szczoteczka do zębów Teesa Sonic TSA8010


Battery:700 mAh
Equipment: 2 heads
Level of security: IPX7
Material:Soft bristles
Operating mode:31,000 pulsating movements / min. (in all modes)
Power:100-240 V; 50/60 Hz
Shutdown:Automatic switch off after 2 minutes; reminder every 30 seconds
Sound level:<65 dB
Working time:up to 6 weeks or up to 180 minutes of continuous operation

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