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Treat your child to a bicycle trip

Fotelik rowerowy dla dziecka Malatec szary

Which bicycle seat should I choose for a child?

There are three ways to transport a child by bicycle. Front seat  rear seat  and trailer behind the bicycle. We recommend  bicycle seat mounted on the back of the bike.  We will also tell you what to look for when buying such a high chair. The first and most important thing is approvals, the car seat must meet all required standards, then the maximum weight of the child, let's check what safety features the car seat has has belt adjustment , how protects the child's feet  before accidentally inserting the bicycle spokes. Whether the seat is comfortable, how it is fastened and at the end, but no less important thing, do we visually like it.

Fotelik rowerowy zdjęcie z rowerem

Take care of your child's safety and choose the best bicycle seat

Our car seat has up to 5 points  seatbelts,  has four levels  adjustment of leg supports . slide on the feet  protecting against inserting the leg into the bicycle's spokes. The upholstery, which is lined on the seat and backrest, is attached with Velcro.
Installation of the bicycle seat with frame from 28 mm to 36 mm. is simple and intuitive. The back of the car seat is located  bicycle reflector  increasing safety.

Fotelik rowerowy dla dzieci Malatec

 Certificates: CE
 For children: from 9 months (sedentary) to 7 years (up to 22 kg)
 Number of points: 5
 Adjusting the stand: 4 stages
 Bicycle frame diameter: from 28mm to 36mm
 Dimensions (height / length / width): 70x35x37cm
 Car seat weight: 2.5 kg
 Car seat with straps, reflector and upholstery
 User manual for car seat installation and assembly in Polish
 Fitting with inserts for various frame diameters
 Fitting elements
 Adjustable foot stands with safety straps

Wymiary fotelika rowerowego

 Brief description of the assembly:
 The holder should be screwed to the bicycle frame permanently.
 If the handle is too loose, add the appropriate spacer (various sizes included).
 Insert the metal "frame" (headband) of the seat into the holder previously mounted on the bicycle frame.
 Secure the roll bar by pushing the safety slider on the handle.
 Install the child seat above the luggage compartment (~ 1.5 to 2 cm) for cushioning.

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