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Niezbędnik do grilla Multi Tool PRO

You can buy a must-have for an experienced griller

Summer is coming, so you have to prepare for the season. And what does an experienced grill specialist do? Checks and completes the equipment to be prepared for all eventualities that the barbecue season can bring. The basis is, of course, a decent grill (you can buy on other pages of our store) and then  accessories  necessary to professionally grill.  Barbecue utensils  they are something indispensable at a barbecue party. Are needed:  blade .  pencil . fork . knife  and the blower so as not to make a fan out of the hands and specialistly blow the flame. Surely corkscrew  it can also be useful;)

Uniwersalny, rozkładany przybornik do grilla PRO

 If you already have everything included it's time to think about the fact that the grill can hit and go. And then the most important thing is to economically pack everything in the car, bicycle or shoulder. And here it turns out how incredibly useful such a traveler is  must-have for the grill.

Kompaktowy składany niezbędnik do grilla

 Multi tool of a professional grate operator - a must-have for the grill

 imagine  grill away, the grate stands, the coals are smoldering, the meat sizzles on the grille and it turns out that a fork is not enough to operate on it at the grill . And then you like a wizard pull out of the clipboard  BBQ must-have . A nice family of tools to help with turning, lubrication, stuffing, cutting and ... Uncorking. The spatula will help to smoothly turn the toasted piece to the other side, with a fork you can conveniently pull the grilled dish and the brush juicyly lubricates what it requires lubrication. All tools nicely fixed together. For your convenience, you can use each cutlery separately

Niezbędnik do grilla PRO, zdjęcie real


Dimensions:27cm by 9cm

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